Triminator Wet Marijuana Trimmer

Industrial Speed & Production for Large Scale Grows

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The Triminator Wet is the most advanced bud trimmer on Earth. Built to meet the demands of commercial and large scale growers, it trims faster, cuts closer, and runs longer without cleaning than any other wet trimmer.

90% faster than hand trimming

18 lbs/hour by machine vs. 2 lbs/day by hand

2x faster than the competition

Automatic Timer

Machine Specs
Height: 39 in

Width: 18.5 in

Lenght: 45 in

Weight: 235 lbs

Watts: 619

AC Voltage: 120v

LBS/HR: Up to 18-20

Amps Required: Dedicated 30A Circuit

MSRP: $16,499 USD

The Triminator Wet in Action

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Wet Cannabis Trimming and The Triminator® Wet

Wet trimming sometimes gets a bad rap, even though it tends to be easier and faster. You trim once, dry, and done. The Triminator® Wet automates the trimming and helps you put out more top quality product in a shorter amount of time.

Designed from the ground up, we re-engineered the traditional design to create something more precise and more efficient. We developed a proprietary new technology called Trim Logic. We removed the bed-knife and adjusted the cutting reel and drum alignment to allow the drum and reel to come within .0025” of each other – literally a hair’s width. As result, the Triminator® Wet provides the industry’s closest, most precise wet trim.

Hand Quality Trim at Mechanical Speeds

Our patented Trim Logic System cuts closer to provide a hand quality trim at speeds only a machine can handle. The Triminator® Wet’s bed-knife free design reduces the need for multiple passes and minimizes handling time. Reduce waste and eliminate costly pre-trimming and post-trimming touch ups. Streamline and speed up your harvest processing. Perfect buds, every time. No touch ups necessary.

Maximum Cutting Surface & Optimum Speed

The Triminator® Wet is 2x faster than the competition, 90x FASTER than hand trimming, and has 30% more cutting surface. It has a long, narrow drum that maximizes cutting surface. This results in faster bud trimming, without causing unnecessary movement or potential damage to the flowers.

Along with the cutting surface, we tested hundreds of rotating speeds to establish the perfect speed for cutting. It’s slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes and fast enough to cut.

Automatic Cleaning System Eliminates Cleaning Stops

Keep production at a maximum with our patented Resin Repel System. Using water, a natural lubricant, you eliminate the need for artificial lubricants allowing you a clean and pure final product the way nature intended. An atomized layer of water keeps the blades of the cutting reel from becoming dull with accumulated plant material. It also prevents the outside of the drum from becoming sticky.

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Easy to Use, Built to Last

The Triminator® Wet was designed with users in mind. With features such as lockable wheels so you can set and trim almost anywhere, as well as an auto timer and a system to mitigate cleaning, it’s no wonder the Triminato®r Wet is so popular. Military grade materials mean the Triminator® Wet is made to be put to work, and pressure washable for quick and easy cleaning.

With a two year Triminator Trim Tough Warranty, this wet cannabis trimmer is made to last,
built entirely with industrial grade components.

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