• Price $3,199 USD
    Height 17 in
    Width 16.5 in
    Length 10.7
    Weight 120 lbs
    Platens 6 in x 10 in
    AC Voltage 120 V
    Watts 1100
    Amps Required Dedicated 20A Circuit

Triminator Rosin TRP

Rosin Extraction for Professionals

Built for professional extraction technicians, the Rosin TRP has the ability to press large rosin batches at the lowest temperatures to preserve rich, valuable terpenes. The Rosin TRP is compatible with manual, air and electric pumps. Pumps can be purchased from Triminator separately.


25 Tons of Force

Watch the Video

See what sets the Triminator Rosin TRP series rosin presses apart in this video.


Hundreds of finite element analysis simulations were conducted while designing the frame to be capable of withstanding up to 25 tons of pressure. There is 1235 effective PSI of pressure and 833 PSI of virtual pressure with the Rosin TRP.


By offering high pressure users can press rosin at lower temperatures to maintain valuable terpene content in the end product.

Dual Heated Platens


6×10 inch platens offer more platen space to provide the most versatility in commercial use for both cannabis flower and kief while maintaining a short distance for the oil to travel.


Big size aluminum platens provides homogeneous temperatures and high reserves of energy for the most optimal heat transfer.


Keeps your rosin free from harmful materials and chemicals.

Video - How to Press Rosin

Watch how to press rosin with the Triminator Rosin TRP in this short video.

Easy to Use


Provides easy access and increased visibility of the product so that technicians can view the progress of their squeeze from start to finish.


Dual PID temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature preference for each platen. Watch video to see how easy it is to set PID temperature.


Pump not included. Must be purchased separately to operate press. Air or electric pump options available. Customers that purchase Rosin Presses with air/hydraulic pump will need an external source of compressed air to operate. Watch video to learn how to attach hydraulic hose.

Rosin TRP

“This machine is very user friendly. The design allows us to watch our squeeze easier and gives us better access to the final product.”

Lori, Extraction Technician

Cannabis Flower

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