Dry trimming or wet trimming? Which is right for your bud?

Dry Bud Trimming or Wet Bud Trimming?

Which is right for you and your buds? Every grower has his or her opinion on trimming marijuana. The age-old “machine trimming versus wet trimming” debate leads to some lively conversation, but the universal aspect—regardless … Continued

The Best Micron for Rosin? 36, 72, 90 or 115?

Choosing a rosin press bag is simple… or is it? Rosin press screen size beguiles newcomers, but it doesn’t have to. In this guide, we explain why screen size is important and how to select … Continued


Keeping Pace with the Industrialization of Cannabis

Legalization is long past here. The full industrialization of cannabis is upon us. The days of “waiting for the man” are gone— or else troubleshooting your “tomato garden” with the folks at the local hydroponic … Continued

A cannabis grower checking the health of a growing cannabis plant

Your Marijuana Trimmer Machine is About to Get Drug Tested

The California cannabis community anticipates the implementation of new testing regulations that will affect the farthest reaches of the cannabis galaxy— and uncover contaminants coming from some unlikely sources. While your industrial bud trimmer won’t need … Continued