rosin dripping from the Triminator TRP Stack

Rosin Profit Potential and ROI

Learn how one employee can make you $1,720 per day with one rosin press. If you’re considering reaping the returns of a rosin press, the math isn’t too hard. But how much money can you … Continued

Images of an indoor cannabis grow.

What’s the Best Cannabis Grow Light Now?

Illuminating the recent technology changes In the past decade, horticultural lighting advanced more quickly than any other equipment in the grow room. The list of newly popularized (or newly affordable) innovations goes on and on: … Continued

Best Cannabis Strains for Machine Trimming

Best Cannabis Strains for Machine Trimming

Five optimal strains for machine trimming. Whether you’re hand trimming or using an industrial bud trimmer, some marijuana strains take a cut better than others. What are the best buds for machine trimming? They’re the … Continued