Keeping Pace with the Industrialization of Cannabis

Legalization is long past here. The full industrialization of cannabis is upon us. The days of “waiting for the man” are gone— or else troubleshooting your “tomato garden” with the folks at the local hydroponic … Continued

A cannabis grower checking the health of a growing cannabis plant

Your Marijuana Trimmer Machine is About to Get Drug Tested

The California cannabis community anticipates the implementation of new testing regulations that will affect the farthest reaches of the cannabis galaxy— and uncover contaminants coming from some unlikely sources. While your industrial bud trimmer won’t need … Continued

Setting up a Curing Room

Setting Up A Curing Room

Places where the demand for cannabis remains very high, many commercial growers don’t take much time to cure their weed. If demand is really high and supply is generally really low, they can get away … Continued

A view inside The Grove Nevada cannabis grow facility

Indoor Temperature and Cannabis

The indoor climate for growing cannabis has an enormous affect on the quality, yield, and health of your cannabis plants. Ideal conditions help the plants thrive and reduce problems with pests and pathogens. Maintaining an … Continued