Hemp Drying

Methods and Machines to Assist a Crucial Component of Processing The ability to properly dry hemp is one of the most important steps in hemp processing and production operations. Even if high quality hemp is … Continued

Green Waste Requirements – Part 2

How to Dispose and Compost for Cannabis Compliance With the number of legal states growing with each new election season, waste regulations and requirements for how to properly dispose of cannabis waste are regularly being … Continued

Hemp Waste in Longmont, CO

Green Waste Requirements – Part 1

A State-by-State Look at How to Dispose and Compost for Cannabis Compliance Any cannabis growing or production operation is sure to generate green waste. In most industries it’s easy to compost any waste or throw … Continued

CBD Hemp Strains for 2019

Top CBD Hemp Strains for 2019

Now that spring is within sight, it’s time for cannabis farmers across the northern hemisphere to consider their crops for 2019. A unique aspect of this year’s season is that it marks the first full … Continued