• Price Custom
    Dimensions 33' L X 10' W X 9.75' H
    Throughput Varies
    Drying Time 20-24 hrs
    Material Size 5/16" - 1"

The Box

The Box Drying System

The Triminator Box Dryer provides a fast, efficient, and fully automated drying solution for CBD hemp flowers and biomass.


High Performance

Our hemp drying units are innovative drying chambers designed for low operating costs, high terpene retention and maximum efficiency. They are based on the reverse Carnot principle which leverages airflow, a closed chamber, heat pumps and a programmable control system to create the most efficient drying curves and consistent and repeatable end product.

Intelligent Airflow

The airflow system is comprised of multiple sets of axial flow fans, air ducts, cold air inlets and a dehumidification system. Based on the relative humidity in the drying chamber the computer control system regulates a combination of supplementary air, dehumidification and the heat pump to complete the most efficient drying curve.

Simple Control

A proprietary system of temp, humidity and equipment controls work seamlessly to adjust as needed to intelligently control the drying process from start to finish.

Food Grade

The insulation chamber is made out of integrated structural foam. The interior walls are made out of food grade plastic. All material touch points are made from 304 stainless to meet food grade standards and requirements.

Design Parameters

  • Shredded biomass or whole flower
  • 5/16″ – 1″ maximum diameter

  • Heating temperature up to 194F


  • 20-24 hrs Drying time
  • Production rates vary based on input material and output quality goals

  • Material Moisture Content
    • Moisture Input 80%
    • Output 10-13%

Farm Fair Pricing

Our Box dryer is designed through an exclusive partnership between Triminator and a top international industrial engineering firm.  To provide fair and competitive pricing, our dryers are manufactured by our exclusive manufacturing partner in China.


“We are so excited to finally have control and automation in our drying process.  We are looking forward to professionalizing the way we dry and the way we control our processes from start to finish”

Dyan Thomas - Green Acres Farm

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