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We created the Own Your Harvest podcast series to bring you valuable insights from the front lines of the cannabis industry. As a global leader in cannabis post harvest handling equipment we wanted to give you direct access to our award winning team and help educate you on a variety of topics from field harvest to extraction. We’ve lined up some amazing guests for 2020 to kick off this new format, so please follow and share with your fellow farmers, growers and extractors. Here are the first few episodes below and they are also currently available on most streaming platforms.

The hosts of Own Your Harvest are Triminator CEO Dana Mosman and CMO David Goodman.

Episode 0 – What to expect

In this episode we discuss what to expect from the new podcast series, tell you a little about the first three episodes coming up, some current problems we are solving this off season and finally a general update on some of our newest products like the Kirpy Hemp Harvester, Mega Dry and our Belt and Box hemp dryers.

Episode 1 – Hemp Harvest Lessons w/ Vesica Ventures

Vesica Ventures farm just before harvest outside of Medford, OR.

In this episode we discuss hemp harvest lessons from 2019 with some hemp farmers we spent a lot of time with this past harvest season up in Medford, OR while there setting up our Oregon Education Center.  Adam Harris, Anthony Whitefeather and Demetris Photinos join us from Vesica Ventures to provide an inside look of what growing hemp in Southern Oregon was like this past year.

Episode 2 – Hemp Farming Education w/ Farmer Tom Lauerman

In this episode we chat with one of our biggest supporters over the years and such a knowledgeable lifelong cannabis advocate Farmer Tom Lauerman. A ton of value in this episode for all cannabis farmers. Farmer Tom joins us from Puerto Rico during the quarantine period to discuss hemp farming education.

Websites: Hemp Farming AcademyFarmer Tom Organics

Coming up next for the new show, Episode 3 – Solventless Rosin Production with Paul Lopez of Pez Bro and Brett Byrd from Byrd Extracts Company. It’s gonna be a great rosin episode where we answer a ton of questions from the international solventless community that were submitted.

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