Olympic Growers

Olympic Growers  from Washington uses Triminator Wet for their indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grow operation. They harvest around 8000 pounds in a summer. During harvest, they trim 500 pounds a day with three Triminator Wets.

Triminator Wet is the most advanced bud trimmer on Earth. It meets the rigorous demands of commercial and large scale growers, like Olympic Growers in Creston, Washington. Olympic Growers uses the Triminator Wet to process their harvest. With the motto of “Only the best makes it” the Triminator Wet delivers the precision and quality they require to uphold their standards.

Olympic Growers doesn’t use insecticide, pesticide, or fungicides on their crops. They make sure to have the cleanest product possible, priding themselves on quality over quantity.
Olympic Growers does indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse crops. With a harvest of around 8,000 pounds, they used three Wet Triminators and processed about 500 pounds a day, working 20 hours on, four hours off. The Triminator Wet trimming machines “held up perfectly.”

“They were perfect.”

“They didn’t give us any problems. They even took a pair of titanium scissors, which is pretty much unheard of for any machine to take that and still be working at the end of it.”

One of the main things Olympic Growers likes most about the Triminator Wet is that they didn’t have to clean the machines every hour. They did not have to stop production for the machine. The Triminator was always faster than they could feed it. No matter how fast they went with fifty workers all trimming to feed the Triminator, they still couldn’t keep up with the pace of the Triminator.
Olympic Growers farm currently has plans to up their operational output from three Triminator Wet trimmers at 8,000 pounds to six Triminators at 10,000 pounds. So, if all ends well, there will be more cannabis going through their Triminators than ever before.
Olympic Growers also has plans to grow some of the best sun-grown cannabis on the planet, and process that harvest with Triminators.

The Grove

The Grove from Las Vegas, Nevada operate 3 Triminator Wet machines for their cutting edge of grow operation. They are capable of handling more than 8000 plants at once.


MJ Gardens

MJ Gardens from Rochester, WA uses Triminator Dry to trim their MMJ harvest. They grow 135 plants and around 4-5 strains at a given time.


Monkey Grass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at Monkey Grass Farms. They are a tier 3 producer/processor in Wenatchee Valley, Washington which processes 150-160 plants each week.


Green Pharm, LLC

Triminator Dry is used at Green Pharm, LLC. Green Pharm is a dispensary, grow and an infused product business in Colorado Springs, CO.