Monkey Grass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at Monkey Grass Farms. They are a tier 3 producer/processor in Wenatchee Valley, Washington which processes 150-160 plants each week.

Triminator Wet is the most advanced bud trimmer on Earth. It meets the detailed, quality demands of growers like Monkey Grass Farms in Wenatchee Valley, Washington. Monkey Grass Farms grow operations keep a full rotation going year round. With their cloning done on premise they never have any lag in production. They’re able to consistently put out 150 to 180 plants each week, and they use the Triminator Wet to process their harvest.

Before they used the Triminator, they had to hand trim everything. It took many hours to trim just a handful of plants. Now, with the Triminator Wet, they’re able to put four to five plants in at a time and run them straight through. They come out perfectly trimmed, no need to run a second time. Just nice, pristine nugs that are ready to be dried.

Monkey Grass Farms produces strains with custom aromas, such as Pineapple, Blue Dream Steve, Blueberry Grape Ape, and Juicy Fruit. Their strains have been received well because of their aromas and THC counts. All of their plants are deleafed and delimbed, so all the buds get snipped off the limbs. That way they’re all just nice little popcorn nugs. They are then run through the Triminator Wet, and taken into the drying room. Their average yield is 150 to 180 plants harvested each week.

MJ Gardens

MJ Gardens from Rochester, WA uses Triminator Dry to trim their MMJ harvest. They grow 135 plants and around 4-5 strains at a given time.


Green Pharm, LLC

Triminator Dry is used at Green Pharm, LLC. Green Pharm is a dispensary, grow and an infused product business in Colorado Springs, CO.


Blewett Pass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at this tier 3 producer/process facility. Blewett Pass Farms from North Central Washington is a tier 3 processor and producer using the Triminator Wet to process their harvest.


The Grove

The Grove from Las Vegas, Nevada operate 3 Triminator Wet machines for their cutting edge of grow operation. They are capable of handling more than 8000 plants at once.