Blewett Pass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at this tier 3 producer/process facility. Blewett Pass Farms  from North Central Washington is a tier 3 processor and producer using the Triminator Wet to process their harvest. They run 150 pounds a day.

Blewett Pass Farms located in Washington was the eleventh farm in the state to be licensed as a producer/processor in the cannabis space. They trim 150 pounds a day with the Triminator Wet. They use Triminator Wet for their harvest to help keep their labor costs down. They chose this wet trimming machine not only for speed and precision but also because of its ease of use, ease of cleaning. Triminator Wet features a patented resin repel system that allows operators to trim non-stop without cleaning breaks utilizing pure, atomized water.

Blewett Pass Farms maximizing their growing space with high density planting, using the trellis system, to keep their plants tight. They are always working to develop new products to add to their line, including high CBD strains, custom breeding and hybrids.

While the workplace atmosphere can be described as laid-back and friendly, they are serious about what they do.

Olympic Growers

Olympic Growers from Washington uses Triminator Wet for their indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grow operation. They harvest around 8000 pounds in a summer.


MJ Gardens

MJ Gardens from Rochester, WA uses Triminator Dry to trim their MMJ harvest. They grow 135 plants and around 4-5 strains at a given time.


The Grove

The Grove from Las Vegas, Nevada operate 3 Triminator Wet machines for their cutting edge of grow operation. They are capable of handling more than 8000 plants at once.


Monkey Grass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at Monkey Grass Farms. They are a tier 3 producer/processor in Wenatchee Valley, Washington which processes 150-160 plants each week.