The Grove

The Grove from Las Vegas, Nevada operate 3 Triminator Wet machines for their cutting edge grow operation. They are capable of handling more than 8000 plants at once.

The Grove’s head grower, being from Humboldt County, California, knew that Triminator Wet was the right trimmer for their harvesting needs from the start. Triminator Wet saves them a tremendous amount on labor costs. They are capable of handling more than 8000 plants at once in their facility. The Grove aims to reduce their carbon footprint by using a double-tiered system for growing cannabis and LED lights to reduce water and electricity usage.

The design of their facility requires the ability to take down and process an entire room at once. They use Triminator Wet to facilitate processing faster so that they can take down one grow room at a time as the layout of the operation was built. They chose Triminator Wet because it offered them the tightest, most efficient trim. The average take down of one of their 6 rooms yields 150 pounds and can be handled quickly with the Triminator Wet and 4 hand trimmers for quality control.

Like many growers, they utilize every part of the plant possible, not just the cannabis flower. They use their trim for extracts with excellent results. They recently had a popular strain Mr. Nice, ran through their C02 machine produce a THC content of 94%.

Olympic Growers

Olympic Growers from Washington uses Triminator Wet for their indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grow operation. They harvest around 8000 pounds in a summer.


MJ Gardens

MJ Gardens from Rochester, WA uses Triminator Dry to trim their MMJ harvest. They grow 135 plants and around 4-5 strains at a given time.


Blewett Pass Farms

Triminator Wet is used at this tier 3 producer/process facility. Blewett Pass Farms from North Central Washington is a tier 3 processor and producer using the Triminator Wet to process their harvest.


Green Pharm, LLC

Triminator Dry is used at Green Pharm, LLC. Green Pharm is a dispensary, grow and an infused product business in Colorado Springs, CO.